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Last updated:  03/26/15

From a rigorous selection process spanning over 20 years, we have purchased and breed some of the most exquisite well-bred miniature mares from around the country.  In addition, we have retained some of “Blue Carousel’s” most exquisite Arabian-type daughters to enhance our breeding program.   At this time, we are proud to introduce . . .


Crystal Ridge Carousels Fatal Beauty


Sire:  Movados FWF Blue Carousel
Dam:   Cross Country Red Boys Juliet

D.O.B. April 2008

This gorgeous Palomino filly was foaled in April 2008.  Her sire is Blue Carousel, sire of multiple AMHA World Champion miniature horses.  Her dam is a Multiple SUPREME HALTER HORSE in both Open and Amateur at AMHA shows. Her grandsires include Lazy N Red Boy, a direct offspring of the immortal ROWDY, and FWF Blues Golden Comet, a direct offspring of the Impeccable FWF Blue Boy.   This mare has the pedigree, color, conformation and attitude to win in the showring.

This senior miniature mare stands about 31-1/2 inches and is ready to show this spring!!  



Crystal Ridge Marquis Royal Flush

Sire:  Crystal Ridge Carousels Marquis
Dam:   Crystal Ridge Beaus Everlasting Love

D.O.B. 05/02/10

This miniature 2010 filly is one of the best horses we've ever produced.  She stands a mere 27" tall and already has won an AMHA SUPREME HALTER HORSE (June 2011 show)--she is REALLY that special and gorgeous!!   Her sire is our AMHA WORLD CHAMPION, "MARQUIS," and her dam is a 28" black and white pinto miniaturea mare by our Bond-bred miniature stallion.  Her dainty little dishy head, her swan-like long neck and otherwise perfect conformation makes her a one-in-a-million mini!!




Crystal Ridge All Jazzed Up


 This grey and white miniature filly is by our World Champion-producing herdsire, Blue Carousel, and out of Crystal Ridge Bewitching Melody, who was a gorgeous miniature show mare.  We expect this filly to clean up in the show ring, as she is one of our best!  Excellent conformation (with a tiny, tiny head needed to win in the show ring today), combined with great color and fancy movement gives this filly all she needs to win!!!!  "Zazzy" is a 2010 AMHA World Top Ten miniature horse, too--gorgeous and ultra-refined mare.

"Jazzy" won the prestigious 2009 NEMHS Weanling Futurity in September 2009.
Watch for her in the Show Ring in 2010!!



Crystal Ridge Marquis Sheer Magic

Sire:  Crystal Ridge Carousels Marquis 
Dam:   Hungry Horses Magic Show

D.O.B. 04/30/07, AMHA#A178296

Sheer Magic is a super Show Mare and is now a senior miniature mare in 2010!  She has been a multiple AMHA Supreme Halter Horse in both amateur and open.  She stands about 32 inches, which is a great size to show in Halter and in Driving.  She has the much-desired long, swan-like neck, beautiful head and perfect overall conformation.  This great show miniature mare will also make an excellent broodmare some day when her showing days are done.

Sired by Carousels Marquis.  Grandsired by Blue Carousel.

Lorraine O'Connell and her Supreme Halter Mare, Sheer Magic (aka "Kisses").  This pair won multiple AMHA Supreme Halter awards in both Amateur and Open Halter in 2008.


Crystal Ridge Jewel Of The Nile

Sire:  Pharoahs Royal Reception
Dam: Hiview Buccarudys Raging Red

D.O.B. 05/08/07 AMHA#180149

Jewel is a 31" Senior miniature mare ready for the show string or a great addition to any broodmare herd.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!!!!  What more can we say?


 Crystal Ridge Portrait of My Love

"Lovey" is a black and white pinto miniature mare with splashes of white on both sides.  She had a gorgeous 2010 foal by our premier AMHA World Champion Stallion, "Marquis."  She is refined and stands 29-1/2" tall.

 Little Kings LB Ballerina

Sire: Little Kings Little Buckeroo
Dam: Little Kings B T Ballerina

D.O.B. 04/15/04, AMHA#A156674

There are generations of Buckeroo in Ballerina's pedigree and many National Grand Champions. Her color is not her only attribute - she has the look, balance and type everyone wants in the miniature horse world today.   

Kobecks Little Buffie

Sire:  L & D Scout
Dam:  Kobecks Bridgette

Buffie is a gorgeous-headed black and white overo pinto miniature mare standing at only 29.75”.  She has foaled multiple gorgeous miniature horses that display the extremely Arabian type.  She is a direct daughter of L&D Scout, and has had six outstanding miniature horse foals to date.


Crystal Ridge Blues En Vogue

Sire:  Movados FWF Blue Carousel
Dam:  Circle A Little Lucy

EnVogue is a 33.75" daughter of “Blue Carousel” that we decided to retain in our breeding program.  You can see from the picture that she is absolutely exquisite.  She has a baby doll head and enough neck for two horses.  This mare foaled a tiny grey and white miniature pinto filly "Crystal Ridge EK's Talk of the Town."  This mini filly is very refined, upheaded and a beautiful mover.  She has turned heads prancing into the show ring!  She has had four outstanding minaiture horse foals to date.

Crystal Ridge Blues Mystical Jewel

Sire:  Movados FWF Blue Carousel
Dam:  Cedar Brooks Shooting Star

“Jewel” is a gorgeous 30.25" black and white daughter of “Blue Carousel.”  Her dam is a black and white miniature mare with “Moonman” breeding.  “Jewel” has produced many beautiful miniature horse offspring with color (red and white, black and white, etc.) .

Hungry Horses Magic Show

Sire:  Poco Horses Trigger
Dam: Lazy H Apache Storm Cloud

This 30.0" beautiful black Arabian-looking miniature mare should have been shown, but we never had room on the trailer.  She has produced extremely beautiful miniature pinto foals with gorgeous heads when bred to any of our miniature horse stallions.  Her gray and white filly “Crystal Ridge Carousel Calypso” is possibly one of the most beautiful fillies in the world!!!   She was bred to Lil Hill's Apache Fame and foaled an awesome leopard app miniature colt for us, "Crystal Ridge EK's Image of Fame."   You can see him on our HOME page driving.  This mare has had five other gorgeous foals for us.


Crystal Ridge Bewitching Melody

Sire: Inch High Pane In The Glass
Dam:   Hungry Horses Magic Show

D.O.B. 09/07/02, AMHA#A156674

This senior  31.0" miniature mare is a "Miniature Morgan"!! She is an AMHA World Top Ten miniature mare.  Her Sire is our Gold Melody Boy grandson pictured on the stallion page and her dam is "Magic Show."  An excellent cross!!!

***UPDATE 06/03/09***We are pleased to announce the arrival of Melody's  grey and white miniature pinto filly on June 2, 2009. 
This is Melody's first miniature foal--the sire is
Blue Carousel.

Cross County Little Queen

Sire:   Cross Countrys Rowdys Reflection
Dam:  Ecaille Du Mury Marais

D.O.B. 07/08/05, AMHA #A164352

Daughter of Cross Country Rowdys Reflection, who is a son of Lazy N Red Boy, sired by the incomparable Rowdy.  This miniature mare is a show mare as evidenced by her picture.  Her first foal, Crystal Ridge Carousel 24 Karats, won TWO prestigious AMHA World TOP TENS in 2009 and 2010.

Cross Country Red Boys Juliet

Sire:  Lazy N Red Boy
Dam:  Komokos Tiffany Jewel

D.O.B. 03/12/03, AMHA #A146878

AMHA MULTIPLE Supreme Halter Horse in both Open and Amateur.  Juliet foaled a handsome liver chestnut, blue-eyed miniature colt with a blaze in 2011, Crystal Ridge Heir Apparent.

Te Kokomikos Sweet Kiss

Sire:   San Antonios Legacy
Dam:  C & S Small Distinction

D.O.B. 04/07/94, AMHA#A61385

Bred to Crystal Ridge Gold Melody Beau

Cross Country Icicles

Sire:  Lazy N Red Boy
Dam:  Cross Countrys Carmel Delight

Direct Daughter of Lazy N Red Boy.  Icicles has had two foals for us--one miniature filly and one miniature colt.


Crystal Ridge Tennessee Keepsake

Sire:  Landrys Red Pepper
Dam: Circle A Little Lucy

D.O.B. 06/30/96, AMHA #A82392

This 32.25" mini mare is by the well-known appaloosa stallion, “Landry’s Red Pepper.”  She is a red roan with a blanket and has heavy mottling.  Her head is tiny and chiseled and her bone refined.    She has beautiful conformation and a beautiful Arabian type head!!  She has had six gorgeous  miniature fillies and one miniature colt.


Crystal Ridge Irish Melody

Sire:  Inch High Pane In The Glass
Dam: Crystal Ridge Tennessee Keepsake

D.O.B. 05/08/02, AMHA #A131934

In Memory . . .

Kobecks Princess Rose

Sire: Komokos Chief Running Brave
Dam:  Kobecks Rosebud

Beautiful, refined, up-headed 32.5" mare who was shown successfully.  She won the coveted title of “DISTRICT CHAMPION MARE AND FOAL” with her son “Crystal Ridge Gold Melody Beau” by our Gold Melody Boy bred stallion, Inch High Pane in The Glass, a.k.a. “Cream Puff.”  Her daughter by “Blue Carousel,” Crystal Ridge Carousel Captivation, is pictured on the Winners page. 


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